What is it with the futuristic films and the end of humanity?

As the let-out that this blog is, well, I just thought I’d comment on the bummer movies I have watched recently all with one theme in common, that is, THE END OF HUMANITY. Like Really? WHY ON EARTH would I even go out to buy your movie if all you are telling me is we’re going to die soon.. Hell, I am not spending cash on it, are you? What for, if your message is such a bomb, telling me to prepare to DIE DIE DIE! Thanks for the Warning, I’ll save up and rather spend it on something more useful like say a flare pack or a swiss army knife or a pilot game in ps3. HELL YEAH! Much more useful. All with hidden messages, including- even in the worst of times, faith will help you through and well, survival of the fittest, among others.

Recent movies such as 2012, Book of Eli (i actually went to a movie theater and paid for this one) and the one I just finished seeing, (which actually inspired me to write this) The Road. All very well acted of course with very well known lead actors (John Cusack, Denzel Washington and Viggo Mortensen -respectively). More or less the same drama, either the End of the World taking place and what happens after the chaos. How does the current human being stand a chance at the end of our present living conditions? A disaster, chaos. How will I deal with it once it comes about? If I let these movies be the answer to my worries I’d end up committing suicide. Is the movie industry subconciously preparing us for such an event? Or is it just a big load of crap, scare tactics not unlike the media and government  use on masses to make their goal of revving sales and stocks up (take the h1n1 swine flu for example all based on sales of a useless drug and eventually a useless vaccine with insufficient clinical trials). If you ask me, the latter. I’m one of those of see to believe but then again i love conspiracy theories, as you can see. BUT STILL I reaaally think we need a break from the negative future flicks.

While I expected greatness out of each, given their stellar cast as with The Road and Book of Eli; and all the media frenzy, specially with 2012. I give each a flat 6 out of 10 in rating. Overall watchable with a bit of desperateness to reach the damn movie’s end. Throw in some endless walking and very irritating running and there you go, you end up doing the same thing in all the movies – you either survived with the fittest or *ducked up and died. IMO you can totally wait for them to come out in HBO and watch them in HD in the comfort of your own home and beautiful tv screen. OH! And if you are planning to make a movie about the future and plan on throwing it in the BOX OFFICE, can you at least make one so I can look forward to reaching 80? What ever happened to Back to Future type flicks? I mean, as much as Avatar was a blockbuster hit I’d really detest my skin turning blue or my offspring’s as a matter of fact. Let’s bring hope back to actually live, you movie gurus!


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The difference

while we were in school you had a good time, i studied. While we went to college you studied a materia, i studied college life.While we went to medschool you worried on passing while i worried on living a new culture. Now you are regretting not having lived enough without time. I am paying my dues with no regrets.

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Half way

Half way

I won’t give u more than I have already given

If you ain’t ready to give me something I can hold on to

I want something more (yes I want more from you)

Cause what we have isn’t what I’m hoping for

I promise you that

It can be more ..oh so much more baby

I’ll get you the world

and we’ll go anywhere from there on

But that if you’d like

then you’ll have to show me how to pave thru that

cause im in it for a long run but I have to know

that you’re in this with me.. so..

are u in it or what?

cause I don’t like to run alone

nor I want to grow old without you in my arms

So yes you have to take me on the ride of my life

Im ready to give you more

So much more, im exploding with love babe

And I don’t know what else to do,

except to give u that which I am longing


I won’t give u more than I have already given

If you ain’t ready to give me something I can hold on to

I want something more (yes I want more from you)

And what we have isn’t what I’m hoping for

I promise you that

It can be more ..oh so much more baby

I’ll get you the world and we’ll go anywhere from that

But that if you’d like

and you’ll have to show me how to pave thru that

cause im in it for a long run but I have to know

that you’re in this with me.. are u in it or what?

Cause I can’t find a way to escape this

This feeling that’s eating me up

And wanting u each day more and more

Wishing & hoping that things can only take off

from this that we have

With love I promise you, we can go to the universe and back

To a better road, a road that I’ll call home

In your arms and mine

I know we’ll fly.

We’ll make love till the morning comes

And neither will have to face the fear

Of waking up in some strangers arms

Cause they’ll be mine and they’ll be yours

Forever until time may come

I promise you that

I don’t want to keep meeting half way

I promise I’ll always want to stay

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How do you know you’re puertorrican? (an email i received plus some culture 101)

As you can see, its been a while back since my last entry (Dec.2009 to be exact). Not knowing of what to write about I decided to make an entry about this email i received (one my bf’s cousin sent me, that his gf’s uncle sent him) ,   just to share some of our puertorrican slang and colloquial verbs. The title reads “Prueba de Puertorriqueñidad” – or in english ‘The Puertorrican Nationality Quiz’. I’m not much of a FWD email opener, in fact i detest them, but this kind of quiz emails always get my attention. So obviously i read this one, specially since it had PR written all over it. For some reason these are always a sure laugh. For those that dont get spanish, well here’s a chance to learn a bit. haha

Just to explain some, puertorrican spanish defers a lot from other latin – spanish speaking countries starting with how fast we talk and specially because of our slang. You can probably see the existence of colloquialisms in America, Europe and just about any country/region in any part of the world. But of course, we do it better. Much of the Spanish we speak in Puerto Rico has been highly influenced by the North American culture. Being that our current status is a United States Colony (future 51st state) we have taken a lot of words that are used in the day to day from the American English Language and just adapted them to however it comes out to our convenient sound, called Anglicisms. Some have been accepted by the Real Academia Española (Real Spanish Academy, who are basically the ones that put the rules in the language), some are just badly pronounced/lazy english. Aside from those history & culture facts, we sing when we speak, we are loud, we talk fast as hell and on the way of doing so we usually omit some syllables or letters in words. For example- the “s” at the end of a word is usually gobbled up. The “r’s” are substituted by “l” when used in the middle of a word or at the end and some even make a german noise with them with the back of their throat. Perhaps the spanish we speak has lost some structure along the way but I like to think its whats makes us unique. Please take note we do pronounce Puerto Rico correctly, for those of you that like to mock the “Puelto Lico” its not even funny, thats like a chinese person saying it. We have some sayings and words that only puertorricans will understand of course. Like I said before, Anglicisms as are the words adapted from english to spanish are very common in PR.

So, Here Goes! Hope you find it as funny as i did, and if you understand half of it, Well, you know what that means! LOL

*If everything that’s good you say its: “chévere”
*If you say “Ay Bendito!” very often (really can’t find how to translate)
*If you know what a “pisicorre” is?
*Intense cold is referred to as “frio pelú” or correctly translated, hairy cold.
*Does your car have a “bompel”, “mofle” , “estaltel”, “espoiler”, “wiper”, “cloche”?  (Muffler, bumper, starter, spoiler, wiper, clutch- sound familiar?)
* If you refer to extreme hunger as: I am -“esmayao”
*If you have ever flown a “chiringa” – kite
*If you took your “merienda” in a “lonchera” – snack in a lunchbox
*If you’re naked, you’re “esnú”
*If you’ve ever danced “en una loseta” “apestillao”  “afincao” in a “pari de marquesina”
which roughly translates into danced really in one tile, really exaggeratedly close, intertwined in a garage party.
*Did you run a “velocípedo ” when you were little, or better known as a tricycle
*If you’ve used “chancletas” (flip-flops) or received a “chancletazo” (the act of a parent hitting you with a flip-flop)
*If you’ve left “grama bajo el arbol de Navidad para los 3Reyes Magos” – or left the 3kings grass under the Christmas tree
*If at some point in your childhood you were scared by “el cuco” or the “boogieman or candyman” which ever, lol.
*Called big exaggerated ugly shoes (like those of construction workers) “bodrogos”
*If you ” te eñangotas”  get down and sit as if you were squatting
*If  you use “el blower” -hairdryer
*If you’re a guy and can call your “panas” (close friends): bad words like “cabrón” (asshole) or “maricón” (fagot) with different tones and have it go from good (hey brother) to the actual insult depending on how they say it.
*If you know what “mayoketchup” (mix of mayonnaise and ketchup) is and can’t eat “sorullitos” or “tostones” without it..
*All sport shoes are called “tennis”
*All women sanitary pads are referred to as “kotex”
*All cereal is “cornflei” (or cornflakes)
*All blenders are “osterizers”
*All diapers are “Pampers”
*If a traffic jam is referred to as “tapón” (usually formed by people LOOKING at an accident or even a car that has turned off on the side of the road).. Curious people= “Averiguao’s”

*If you know what a “Limber”, “Piragua” or “Equimalito” is (different forms to eat ice)
*If you know that “Cocolo” is a person who listens to salsa
*If you’ve referred to your boyfriend “jevo” or girlfriend “jeva” (actually said hevo or heva in english)
*Know that “manganzón” is a baby huey
*Know that “zafacón” is a trashcan
*If you called every teacher you had in kinder through  high school “missy” while raising your hand or had a question
*If you know that a proper meal is accompanied by “arroz con habichuelas”

Ok i could keep on writing.. Theres a ton more for sure.. But thats about it for now! haha

I’m sure you’ve learned that you either are or aren’ t. If you aren’t hope this served as a 101! If you are then you surely had a laugh..

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Positive Thinking:Nothing to do with “The Secret”; Just Common Sense

A few months back the best selling book “The Secret” got a lot of hype. Its purpose was to convey an idea: that the universe works around You and your thoughts, and that you are basically the one responsible for whatever it is you receive in life. You think positive, you get positive.

Of course its just a cheesy tactic to get you to buy their idea. By all means who doesn’t want to be as rich as Donald Trump or have a multi million company rise from nothing like has happened recently to many of the social media developers, which among a few- Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile the book sells you the possibility of getting riches or getting whatever you like and people sucker up and buy it, live it, wash their brains with it. Much like with every religious belief or tactic, not that I’m atheist, but you know.. the scientific proof is still very much missing and still people go blind for it, even kill for it. Which is really sad and obsessive and scary and really dumb. Oh and yeah as it happens with recent religions- being a wealthy person, THAT can get you to rise fastly through life. Just Donate a Large Sum and open the gates of Heaven or whatever. Riiiiiiight (*rolling eyes*). Ok, I will not get into religious debate cause thats like a really long, un-winnable discussion. So back to the case.

Does thinking positive work? Well it all depends on you! But… Thats nothing new. Don’t go depending on the thought alone, of course. Trust me, what they try to sell is remarkably impossible. Its like saying “I will have superpowers” over and over again. Even if you think it, say it, write it, poop it a gazillion times- a mutant spider won’t bite you and consequently give you Spiderman’s super powers. And yeah, um no, forget about it, Kryptonite is not real either, nor will you be able to dig it up in your backyard one day. Capisci?

So whats the deal? What is the “secret” ingredient to getting what you want in life. I bet you want the easy answer. Like that book says. But no. Sorry. Not even remotely possible. Hard work is the answer guys. Mix in some hard work and believe in yourself. Should it be such a big deal? Of course not. Its basic principle. Just with believing in yourself you have a lot that the rest of the people in this world don’t: confidence. The one thing that can make you invincible (without getting extra-cocky, that sucks). But hard work is the real deal, the answer to life’s hardship. Unless you are like really pretty, like Gisselle Bundschen pretty or Brad Pitt 10 years ago pretty or a genius kid like Doogie Howser. Which in that case, you know, smile and get what you want, you were born with a star. But in the real world, work hard… It’ll pay off eventually.

Maybe you want to know what the Facebook and Twitter guys have, even Donald Trump. Well determination for starters. Smarts and a vision. Nothing you couldn’t have. And yes this too will get you far in your goals. No matter how many times you fall, aside from believing in yourself like I said before, be prepared to stand up from the many falls you can have. “Nobody said it would be easy just that it’d be worth it…” or so goes the very true and popular quote. If you want it, go for it, work your ass off for it, believe in it, stand by it no matter what anyone says or does against you. You’ll get there, with time. ”

Veni, vidi, vici… I came, I saw, I conquered.

ps.[In the remote case that the “Secret” is the real deal. Forgive me for contradicting myself but I have to try It. I have a test coming up, so I wouldn’t mind using it- just in case. So here it goes: I WANT TO PASS MY TEST. (This is the new social media approach, already did a tweet and a facebook status update about it! ha)..]

Well once again, thanks for reading. Wish me luck and positive vibes =)

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Top 20 Chuck Norris Facts… Sorry Chuck its Fredo & Pid’jin time…

A few days ago I stumbledupon a page that featured Chuck Norris “facts” (http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com) giving a list on jokes on how he’s the best in the whole wide world. I wasn’t a Norris fan until I read those comments, they were pretty hilarious & far fetched of course but well worth the laugh nonetheless. Enough to get me believin’ in the guy… ha!

Here are My Picks: Top 20 Chuck Norris Facts (no particular order, from the mentioned site)

1)Chuck Norris is suing MySpace for taking the name of what he calls “everything around himself”

2)Chuck Norris CAN believe it’s not butter.

3)Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

4)When the boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

5)A study showed the leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart disease, 2. Chuck Norris, 3. Cancer

6)It’s widely believed that Jesus was Chuck Norris’ stunt double for crucifixion due to the fact that it is impossible for nails to pierce Chuck Norris’ skin.

7)Chuck Norris did in fact, build Rome in a day.

8)Once you go Norris, you are physically unable to go back.

9)Chuck Norris doesn’t play god. Playing is for children.

10)Wo hu cang long. The translation from Mandarin Chinese reads: “Crouching Chuck, Hidden Norris”

11)Chuck Norris recently had the idea to sell his urine as a canned beverage. We know this beverage as Red Bull.

12)If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Chuck Norris.

13)Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

14)Nothing can escape the gravity of a black hole, except for Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris eats black holes. They taste like chicken.

15)As President Roosevelt said: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself. And Chuck Norris.”

16)Contrary to popular belief, the Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg. The ship was off course and accidentally ran into Chuck Norris while he was doing the backstroke across the Atlantic.

17)Kryptonite has been found to contain trace elements of Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks to the face. This is why it is so deadly to Superman.

18)Chuck Norris knows everything there is to know – Except for the definition of mercy.

19)Chuck Norris can hit you so hard that he can actually alter your DNA. Decades from now your descendants will occasionally clutch their heads and yell “What The Hell was That?”

20)Time waits for no man. Unless that man is Chuck Norris.

A side from Chuck Norris facts. Today,  while fumbling thru the net (instead of studying of course), I went into @god’s twitter and discovered an awesome webcomic which i thought  as a “must share” with my peeps. Here’s the link to the awesome webcomic starring THE 2 pigeons: Fredo & Pid’jin.. which is the name of the comic itself. Continue reading, and enjoy the comic excerpt. Really you have to read it, @god twitted it… Behold: Mount Sin

Mount Sin: The Alpha and the Omega

So now I can safely tell u, I am now a Fredo & Pid’jin fan 🙂 since Chuck Norris has a loophole! lol

Truth: Chuck Norris facts are now Fredo & Pid’jin facts

FACT #21 Fredo & Pid’jin did in fact beat Chuck Norris at his own game!

FACT #22 @god thanks Fredo & Pid’jin for completing the job not even he could do…

FACT#23 Fredo & Pid’jin are the only survivors of the Chuck Norris famous Roundhouse kick

FACT #24 Fredo & Pid’jin are in fact the ONLY thing  in every element, that Chuck Norris is afraid of.

FACT #25 After the encounter with Fredo & Pid’jin, the first Chuck Norris tear was submitted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Witnesses say, that night, he wept.

FACT #26 You’ll be hearing more of Fredo & Pid’jin… Not so much of Chuck Norris.

Fredo & Pidjin is a web-based comicstrip posted every Monday on www.pidjin.net. It is written by Tudor Muscalu and drawn by Eugen Erhan, the creators. Fredo&Pid’jin® is a registered trademark.

Long live science! Go ahead, give it a look! Enjoy =)


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More on the noisy neighbor

Remember the neighbor with the lawnmower? Well he has passed the lawnmower and  other grass/tree & garden  related machinery, like trimmer, blower, vacuums and sorts, for an estimate of 3 days- JUST this week. But he didn’t care to be limited ONLY to garden related machinery, since its Christmas, its the time to be jolly and apparently make the most sounds EVER. Don’t we all want our houses looking pretty for Santa, well yeah, he now seems to be doing a paint job. A paint job! He’s using the highest decibel emitting pressure machine to clean and strip the walls to be able to paint he’s house pretty. Let me tell ya,  if there was one more thing to add to the I HATE CHRISTMAS LIST… THIS would be it! Annoying sounds!! Gees! Where did the considerate people go? I swear, there should be a law on how many days per week you are allowed to make annoying sounds. If you don’t remember, my first annoying sound article was on a SUNday… a Sunday!! The one day you are supposed to hear the beauutiful sound of silence! But noooo..

Fortunately for me I live in Puerto Rico with the loudest people on Earth. Sounds don’t get limited only to daytime, speeecially around Christmas time. We have a tradition of doing caroling in the loudest possible way, if you aren’t in it or receiving the carols, you’ll be the person that lives next door and just hate it! The caroling is called “parrandas”, instruments called “pleneras” are used as well as “maracas”, “güiros”, trumpet, guitars and whatever other portable instrument you can get anyone to play. The tradition is  to bring as many people as you can together and then this crowd will go house to house singing the puertorrican “parranda” repertoire until the house owners let you in. The crowd barges into the house and the house-owners have to make food like “asopao” (rice soup) for the guests or else they’ll eat and drink anything you got in the fridge, alcohol cabinet, you name it! Don’t get me wrong its super fun, just not so fun to be the person next door trying to sleep. And yeah you guessed it, my neighbor received a “parranda” about two days ago.

Let me put it this way, aside from the parranda factor, you should be able to make ridiculous annoying machinery noises like that of a lawnmower, during the day, so many times per week.. Just to be a decent neighbor. Catch my drift? There should be a LAW, a neighborhood law, passed in Congress to limit how many times per week you’re allowed to use noisy machinery. I’d so be laughing right now if they gave this guy a sound violation ticket. Maybe it sounds mean, but its not exactly the best thing to wake up for a week,  every  darn consecutive day, with a sound that makes you think you’ve got some sort of hearing issue. Because really, right now I think I am going deaf.

Oh yeah and the pressure machine’s sound? Definitely higher than the lawnmower’s. By far! And thanks to the weather here, it rained yesterday so, its the third day this week he’s been using the crappy sound blasting machine…

Dear neighbor, is there any chance you could finish the week off without making noise?

Yours Truly, The Angry neighbor


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