The Personal…

Well, i’m one of those that needs more than 24hrs to complete the day. Time, no matter what, is never enough. I’m a bit of a perfectionist which as much as it can be a virtue its quite a drag sometimes. I’m currently in a point of my life which I am calling LIMBO. In the Middle of the RIde, right past Nowhere, heading to the rest of my Life. I like music, movies & writing. For some reason I like reading all except what I am suppose to read. I have an ADD crisis. Love & Hate my life right now, if that’s even possible. Just like you, I’m struggling to get to the other side, u know- the side where you actually get a life? Oh and yeah, Trust Me.. I’m a Doctor. Lived 5 years in a country considered “developing”, but found that a place as diverse as Mexico, it has places that are far more civilized than my own. And while I am puertorrican, and I honestly can’t say that other than the fact that we are a US territory and the fact that if it were not for its beaches, PR would be a 3rd world country (like the rest of the Caribbean) as well.


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