In Reply to ‘Dead End’, I defend my point of view

A friend replied to the Dead End poem (previous post, and this is my comeback to his post which basically critisized my defending sinning and having no regrets)

In Reply to Dead End

Had I regret of all I’ve done
I’d be living down the lonely road
Had I been sorry for all forgot
I’d still be apologizing
Perhaps undone

Down two roads
You only choose one
Not by force
But by decision owned

Down two roads,
maybe three or four
You only get chance by luck
Perhaps not

Only one thing’s certain
of what you’ve become
thats the trail you’ve led
Till this very day
Deviation, none

Forgive me if I’ve offended
Be it Jews or Germans
Buddhists, Muslims or Christians
But a sin is a sin
To which written
I have not determined

Be it where unwritten
your mind has carried
As dark a place
As imagination buries

As a poet
I’ve meant no judiciaries
To anything lethal,
grave or even detrimental

As certain as your fate
is the consequence of an act
good or bad
come what may

But all is not atrocious
This world still has a conscience,
I believe,
At least I do
And to that I swear my life to

If you choose to remember
or choose to forget
every or a single action
you have made
I salute you

But from the smallest action
with the strangest stranger
I bet you’ve sinned
and let it sleep

As by default
a fault’s a fault
for no one is so virtuous
that’s the human condition

Oh! How sorry must I feel?
I have no regrets to live on
For every experience,
even this “sin” in sinning
has made me who I am
and I need not forgiveness

March 7 2011


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