Dead End

Who are we going to be?
Or what might we become?
How is this supposed to end,
When There is nothing to pretend.
Life just brings you to your knees,
Some things never change
But then again
Never do we
If there’s nothing at stake.
So what’s it gonna take?
Its not as easy as it sounds
To make a turn and turn around.
To Just go ahead
And Grab destiny by the reins.
There is no sin in sinning
When there are no regrets,
Maybe that’s our way of winning-
The way to get
Where we’re supposed to get.
Much more easier said than done;
Much Less done than said.
Tonight I see myself falling
Without a place to fall.
Then again I might be dreaming,
I’ve run into a dead-end wall.

Fla: feb 28 2011


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