Wouldn’t you know?

I close my eyes in wonder
Of what is raw emotion
If it may, this that I’m feeling
Or whatever has made me ponder
Like putting on my favorite lotion
You’ve left me without a notion
Washed off with water
Wasn’t that easy now?
We danced the locomotion
In a blink of an eye
A blow below the belt
Nothing like I ever felt before
Now I’m melting like butter
Wouldn’t you know?
Spring is but beginning
But time’s a due
Before we know it
It’ll be summer
Temperature drops and rises
Wouldn’t you know?
I never felt safe with you
But who asked for safety in the first place?
If I must guess, it must have been you
When we looked into the glass
It was left empty
Too late to fix
Wouldn’t you know?
I was the only one left
Wanting more


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