Getting Back to Pretty… (I forgot how to?…)

I’ve got to get ready for a wedding… And it is terribly sucking. Ok, its not mine, obviously… Nor a friend’s.. Its a friend of my boyfriend getting married… so lets not go entering hysteria… yet.

Its been so long since i have actually made myself feel pretty. I’ve forgotten how it is done! I used to do it almost every day when i was back in medschool, a period in my life which ended a year and a half ago. Since then, it’s pretty much been a careless version of me. So since I have this wedding, I decided i’d treat myself some and look pretty for my boy. The wedding is tomorrow and I made a hair salon appointment for tomorrow morning.. -New look awaits. -Just finished the pedicure. -Dress and accessorries ready – i think -..
-Mani? I’m thinking of going for fake Walgreens nail tips ? What do you think? I hate them, but taking into consideration I have to be in the church by 3pm and my hair appointment is at 9am. Time is pretty crammed. (although i am thinking of skipping the ceremony and going straight to the reception… just dont tell anyone, lol. My bf is going to be a groomsmen, so i think i have the perfect excuse. I am wondering if that is distasteful, so I can take your opinions for future events of such… hehe)
What else? Make up, well I’ll let ya know how it turns out. Hopefully the magic is still in these little hands and I still got the eyes for color.. 😉 I did try out tho, went to Home Depot and bought wall paint, the colors looked great, my color coordination is intact… I’m in the process of painting my room, toning it down. Still have to wait for the end result!

Also, I’d like to mention I even got a new cellphone. So even if they are just small details, 2010 has turned out pretty good. I must say. Been feeling so much more positive than I have in a veryyy long time. So hopefully this new vibe will be all for the best! As I had written in my previous posts, 2009 sucked.. So maybe my luck has finally changed and to that I hope to God, I hope to God..

So whats the key ingredient??? I ponder. Oh yeah the making myself feel it! Haha, thats the most important part of course… I’ve tested it and it even shows through the camera… Believe me! So if you wanna look pretty, you first have to feel it and believe it! Believe me you can fool even the cheapest or the most detail enhancing, expensive camera with the touch of something called “the confidence boost”!!! I’m not a perfect 10 but hey we can all aim high and go for the WOW, YOU LOOK GREAT. So what are we waiting for? LETS DO IT! Give it a try and thank me later xD

Ok… Totally Vented. Thanks for reading my nonsense xD


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