What is it with the futuristic films and the end of humanity?

As the let-out that this blog is, well, I just thought I’d comment on the bummer movies I have watched recently all with one theme in common, that is, THE END OF HUMANITY. Like Really? WHY ON EARTH would I even go out to buy your movie if all you are telling me is we’re going to die soon.. Hell, I am not spending cash on it, are you? What for, if your message is such a bomb, telling me to prepare to DIE DIE DIE! Thanks for the Warning, I’ll save up and rather spend it on something more useful like say a flare pack or a swiss army knife or a pilot game in ps3. HELL YEAH! Much more useful. All with hidden messages, including- even in the worst of times, faith will help you through and well, survival of the fittest, among others.

Recent movies such as 2012, Book of Eli (i actually went to a movie theater and paid for this one) and the one I just finished seeing, (which actually inspired me to write this) The Road. All very well acted of course with very well known lead actors (John Cusack, Denzel Washington and Viggo Mortensen -respectively). More or less the same drama, either the End of the World taking place and what happens after the chaos. How does the current human being stand a chance at the end of our present living conditions? A disaster, chaos. How will I deal with it once it comes about? If I let these movies be the answer to my worries I’d end up committing suicide. Is the movie industry subconciously preparing us for such an event? Or is it just a big load of crap, scare tactics not unlike the media and government  use on masses to make their goal of revving sales and stocks up (take the h1n1 swine flu for example all based on sales of a useless drug and eventually a useless vaccine with insufficient clinical trials). If you ask me, the latter. I’m one of those of see to believe but then again i love conspiracy theories, as you can see. BUT STILL I reaaally think we need a break from the negative future flicks.

While I expected greatness out of each, given their stellar cast as with The Road and Book of Eli; and all the media frenzy, specially with 2012. I give each a flat 6 out of 10 in rating. Overall watchable with a bit of desperateness to reach the damn movie’s end. Throw in some endless walking and very irritating running and there you go, you end up doing the same thing in all the movies – you either survived with the fittest or *ducked up and died. IMO you can totally wait for them to come out in HBO and watch them in HD in the comfort of your own home and beautiful tv screen. OH! And if you are planning to make a movie about the future and plan on throwing it in the BOX OFFICE, can you at least make one so I can look forward to reaching 80? What ever happened to Back to Future type flicks? I mean, as much as Avatar was a blockbuster hit I’d really detest my skin turning blue or my offspring’s as a matter of fact. Let’s bring hope back to actually live, you movie gurus!


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