Positive Thinking:Nothing to do with “The Secret”; Just Common Sense

A few months back the best selling book “The Secret” got a lot of hype. Its purpose was to convey an idea: that the universe works around You and your thoughts, and that you are basically the one responsible for whatever it is you receive in life. You think positive, you get positive.

Of course its just a cheesy tactic to get you to buy their idea. By all means who doesn’t want to be as rich as Donald Trump or have a multi million company rise from nothing like has happened recently to many of the social media developers, which among a few- Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile the book sells you the possibility of getting riches or getting whatever you like and people sucker up and buy it, live it, wash their brains with it. Much like with every religious belief or tactic, not that I’m atheist, but you know.. the scientific proof is still very much missing and still people go blind for it, even kill for it. Which is really sad and obsessive and scary and really dumb. Oh and yeah as it happens with recent religions- being a wealthy person, THAT can get you to rise fastly through life. Just Donate a Large Sum and open the gates of Heaven or whatever. Riiiiiiight (*rolling eyes*). Ok, I will not get into religious debate cause thats like a really long, un-winnable discussion. So back to the case.

Does thinking positive work? Well it all depends on you! But… Thats nothing new. Don’t go depending on the thought alone, of course. Trust me, what they try to sell is remarkably impossible. Its like saying “I will have superpowers” over and over again. Even if you think it, say it, write it, poop it a gazillion times- a mutant spider won’t bite you and consequently give you Spiderman’s super powers. And yeah, um no, forget about it, Kryptonite is not real either, nor will you be able to dig it up in your backyard one day. Capisci?

So whats the deal? What is the “secret” ingredient to getting what you want in life. I bet you want the easy answer. Like that book says. But no. Sorry. Not even remotely possible. Hard work is the answer guys. Mix in some hard work and believe in yourself. Should it be such a big deal? Of course not. Its basic principle. Just with believing in yourself you have a lot that the rest of the people in this world don’t: confidence. The one thing that can make you invincible (without getting extra-cocky, that sucks). But hard work is the real deal, the answer to life’s hardship. Unless you are like really pretty, like Gisselle Bundschen pretty or Brad Pitt 10 years ago pretty or a genius kid like Doogie Howser. Which in that case, you know, smile and get what you want, you were born with a star. But in the real world, work hard… It’ll pay off eventually.

Maybe you want to know what the Facebook and Twitter guys have, even Donald Trump. Well determination for starters. Smarts and a vision. Nothing you couldn’t have. And yes this too will get you far in your goals. No matter how many times you fall, aside from believing in yourself like I said before, be prepared to stand up from the many falls you can have. “Nobody said it would be easy just that it’d be worth it…” or so goes the very true and popular quote. If you want it, go for it, work your ass off for it, believe in it, stand by it no matter what anyone says or does against you. You’ll get there, with time. ”

Veni, vidi, vici… I came, I saw, I conquered.

ps.[In the remote case that the “Secret” is the real deal. Forgive me for contradicting myself but I have to try It. I have a test coming up, so I wouldn’t mind using it- just in case. So here it goes: I WANT TO PASS MY TEST. (This is the new social media approach, already did a tweet and a facebook status update about it! ha)..]

Well once again, thanks for reading. Wish me luck and positive vibes =)


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