More on the noisy neighbor

Remember the neighbor with the lawnmower? Well he has passed the lawnmower and  other grass/tree & garden  related machinery, like trimmer, blower, vacuums and sorts, for an estimate of 3 days- JUST this week. But he didn’t care to be limited ONLY to garden related machinery, since its Christmas, its the time to be jolly and apparently make the most sounds EVER. Don’t we all want our houses looking pretty for Santa, well yeah, he now seems to be doing a paint job. A paint job! He’s using the highest decibel emitting pressure machine to clean and strip the walls to be able to paint he’s house pretty. Let me tell ya,  if there was one more thing to add to the I HATE CHRISTMAS LIST… THIS would be it! Annoying sounds!! Gees! Where did the considerate people go? I swear, there should be a law on how many days per week you are allowed to make annoying sounds. If you don’t remember, my first annoying sound article was on a SUNday… a Sunday!! The one day you are supposed to hear the beauutiful sound of silence! But noooo..

Fortunately for me I live in Puerto Rico with the loudest people on Earth. Sounds don’t get limited only to daytime, speeecially around Christmas time. We have a tradition of doing caroling in the loudest possible way, if you aren’t in it or receiving the carols, you’ll be the person that lives next door and just hate it! The caroling is called “parrandas”, instruments called “pleneras” are used as well as “maracas”, “güiros”, trumpet, guitars and whatever other portable instrument you can get anyone to play. The tradition is  to bring as many people as you can together and then this crowd will go house to house singing the puertorrican “parranda” repertoire until the house owners let you in. The crowd barges into the house and the house-owners have to make food like “asopao” (rice soup) for the guests or else they’ll eat and drink anything you got in the fridge, alcohol cabinet, you name it! Don’t get me wrong its super fun, just not so fun to be the person next door trying to sleep. And yeah you guessed it, my neighbor received a “parranda” about two days ago.

Let me put it this way, aside from the parranda factor, you should be able to make ridiculous annoying machinery noises like that of a lawnmower, during the day, so many times per week.. Just to be a decent neighbor. Catch my drift? There should be a LAW, a neighborhood law, passed in Congress to limit how many times per week you’re allowed to use noisy machinery. I’d so be laughing right now if they gave this guy a sound violation ticket. Maybe it sounds mean, but its not exactly the best thing to wake up for a week,  every  darn consecutive day, with a sound that makes you think you’ve got some sort of hearing issue. Because really, right now I think I am going deaf.

Oh yeah and the pressure machine’s sound? Definitely higher than the lawnmower’s. By far! And thanks to the weather here, it rained yesterday so, its the third day this week he’s been using the crappy sound blasting machine…

Dear neighbor, is there any chance you could finish the week off without making noise?

Yours Truly, The Angry neighbor



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2 responses to “More on the noisy neighbor

  1. You could always get yourself a nice pair of earplugs 😀

  2. the things is i have!!

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