Its Summer all year long but now its snowing… in my blog!

haha, yeah I’m a dudd. Last time I saw snow, oh, it was in Disney World in Orlando, Florida I was about in the 8th grade, not decent snow of course like just flakes, but hey! it was falling from the sky! Cut me some slack, here in Puerto Rico were I live if there’s a chance of snow, I’d be really scared. If you didn’t know, it doesn’t snow in the Caribbean, we’ve got tropical weather all year long, the only thing that falls from the sky will be.. You guessed it! RAIN! When its not, its really beautiful – a scenery of beaches & mountains; a beautiful experience in a space, small enough for its well hidden nature secrets and big enough for its tropical eye-catching grandness.

This is my favorite beach in the whole island. Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico translating to Dirty Beach in Cape Red, Rich Port 🙂 . Doesn’t sound pretty at all in english does it? haha. Promiss its quite the opposite to the bay’s given name. To me its like a little piece of heaven. If the picture looks too pretty to be true, trust me… It is like that.

Hey Look! Now its snowing in the beach.. lol, bad joke.

Have to say the last time I saw real snow was when I was in 6th grade did a trip to Canada and the East coast. Besides that experience, I lived in New Hampshire for about a year when I was in first grade, saw snow there too…

So now that you know how I’ve been deprived of snow most of my life you can imagine how geekishly excited I am to enable snow in my blog. Sure enough I made an entry about it, haha yeah go ahead and mock me. Lucky you that get to make snow angels…

here’s a link if you’d like to read more info on the beach (Playa Sucia) i refer to



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2 responses to “Its Summer all year long but now its snowing… in my blog!

  1. Who knows, maybe it’ll snow in 2012 😛

    • Yes that seems something that would happen in the movie, but they decided to keep PR out of the feature film. but dont worry, its in the extras on the dvd uncut version: you can see snow in PR jajaa

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