The Silenced Lawnmower =)

You have NO idea how ANNOYING a Lawnmower can be until you live in Urban America. If its not a neighbor mowing some other lawn, someone is mowing your own!! Plus the houses are too near each other to NOT  hear the sound.

Made this “cartoon” just to portray HOW MUCH I HATE to start the day off hearing that AWFUL NOISE and yes my alter-ego taking care of business!  This week, i had to hear a grueling mower sound ALMOST EVERYDAY, i mean even today, a SUNDAY… Isn’t that like illegal? To mow the lawn on a SUNDAY!!!Some louder that others. This one I’m hearing right now, is by far the loudest one… I’ll probably end up having a headache after this guy finishes his job today or like my drawing, end up having bleeding ears, haha!

I truly believe someone should set their goals into making a silent one… I’ve thought about it plenty this week, I am positive not even the one doing the job likes that sound. HECK!!Its F***ing annoying!! =)

Don’t worry the fake bullet from the fake gun hit the lawnmower.. It was never aimed at the gardener haha…  In words of Anna (from V): “I really am of peace, always…” 🙂

Anyone care to share their thoughts on this one?

Sincerely,  The Angry Neighbor



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3 responses to “The Silenced Lawnmower =)

  1. hahaha that’s awesome. I’m still laughing. That girl has nice aim. She could have easily shot the poor guy. I weep for her ears.

  2. I got 2 words for you – artificial grass. I too hate lawnmowers.

  3. Jaycee

    Just experienced major annoyance with lawnmower noise. I live in a condo townhouse and so this is contracted for and is always done on Tuesdays. I can usually tune it out but not today. I shut all the windows on a rare lovely day because of the noise. I could not think clearly enough to balance the checkbook because the noise was so annoying. Can’t they make those things quieter? They’ve been around long enough, you would think by now someone would invent a muffler for them. They can make other things “purr”, like a car, right? Why not the lawnmower? It is annoying to EVERYONE.

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