My Grandma has.. Facebook!!?

HAHA. Yes. It sounds incredibly incredible or maybe a little impossible/absurd. But the time has come, the internet & technology is getting to them old too! Laughing matter? Maybe – but not exactly a joke.

Is it ridiculous or just about time? I mean, don’t senior citizens deserve a try to what they missed their whole lives?

Ok, so now my grandma has a computer. My dad gave her one of the spare ones here. Thanks to the economy he closed down his business and now he works from home, so he had like three spare computers. My brother, whom is living next door to my grandma helped her prep things up, internet and the works – including a  Facebook account! I accepted her a couple days ago to which I could only laugh at the fact that I was doing so! Few minutes later I found myself changing my profile pic. to one that portrayed me most innocently. Maybe it wasn’t necessary but I thought it was a good thing, since maybe one that had me in a playboy bunny costume could cause unwanted health issues. I didn’t limit her profile though, so she can still surf through my albums and see the chaotic life I have lived.

Ok, so maybe it’s not breaking news. But it seemed a pretty darn good to me! Senior citizens on the internet prowl. Rawrr! So whats next? An internet dating service account? LMAO

My grandma is just about as cool as they come at 70-something springs young and counting. When I get old I wanna be just like her, even though she widowed like 18 yrs ago (damn time passes by fast, doesn’t it?). But she’s really like a teenager. She’s got no responsibilities except her own, her children are all grown up into their families and her 3 sons look after her (more often than every once in a while). So she lives for her. She owes no one and she lives off the money the government gives her, what could be better? Guess what, she travels almost monthly too. Up onto a cruise 35 times in her time-table and counting. I’m proud of her.  And yes, when I grow to that mature age I’m hoping I’ll keep my internet skills and be able to develop some travelling ones 😉

So whats the deal? The internet has dispersed. Old-fashioned ppl are getting a taste of modern technology as well. And maybe the rising generations will be even more tech advanced than the current, for sure. I mean, what should we expect when we get old? Any ideas anyone?


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  1. This is hilarious. Cool grandma you got there. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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