PS4.. Move over Project Natal!

Ok so a few months ago we were introduced to Milo, you know Microsoft’s Project Natal kid that’d interact with you when you felt – oh so lonely? The new friend that would be responsible for turning our kids and ourselves into complete schizoids. Playing games that recognized your movements, Gaming Interactives. And if this felt like raising the bar, well guess again! While Console Gaming is definitely stepping up- the Sony PS4 with release date before its expected 2012, will be revealed just in time to compete with Project Natal – yes PS4! Sony does not want to be left behind.

So what are the rumors sayin’? Talks about 3D gaming, virtual reality.. Futuristic controllers including Super High Vision… huh?  Bypass that BluRay and count me in on Holographic Discs (HVD)! Come again – umm did u say Holograms?? WTF!!.. (More Holographics info: Upgraded sound for Loseless 9.1, which sounds like we’ll b totally blown away…  And forget about true color now it’ll FULL Deep Color. A capacity going from 250GB up to 1TB… Yes you’ll also have Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, and..WHDI & JetTransfer? That is, Wireless High Definition Interface that enables top-quality wireless uncompressed HD video delivery throughout the home, allowing consumers to connect any source in the home to any display. Jet Transfer is featured by Sony, a new ultra high-speed wireless method  for data transfer between electronic devices (think of it as a more secure Bluetooth at USB speed?). Did I forget to mention the slim PS3 was fat? Welcome  super thin touchscreen!

Ps4 Console Design CONCEPT*

Now for the fun part:  CPU + GPU?? Say goodbye to “the Cell” and so long Nvidia.  Its Time for AMD & Intel to catch a break this time around with their new development.

Say hello to the new AMD’s Fusion processor so-called because of the AMD  + ATI merger (
and INTEL’s Larabee (

This new processors will be multi-core next-generation microprocessors LIKE the Cell but with much more power, thats CPU+GPU for u!  in other words: Ground Breaking Technology. Also, this new processors will allow costs to not go as high as they would if they continued using & developing The Cell technology. Supposedly Sony has chosen Intel for the PS4, yet rumors are still not clear on which of the two company’s (amd or intel?) will get it. One thing has been layed out on plain tho.. and that is that Nvidia is NOT.

Also interesting add, Internet-based servers with the registered PSCLOUD ( which works similar to Microsoft’s XBOX OnLive.

Ok so thats what I call: PS3 on Steroids! If u thought Microsoft was bringing it on, well yeah Sony is too.. The wars of future gaming has begun! The Console Wars live on!

And while all this advances sound superb… i have just one “BUT” tho. I think these japanese have an agenda… please, no offense, but could you give my wallet a break?!

Checkout pS4 Rumored Specs!

Ok, so I guess thats it for PS4 News!



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2 responses to “PS4.. Move over Project Natal!

  1. Sweet. Sounds cool if they indeed bring that concept to life. I’m betting we won’t be seeing revolutionary awesomeness only from Sony in 2012, since XBOX3 and WII2 are also schedule to come out that year.

    • Sony wants to release earlier.. by the time xbox3/wii2 are out the price for ps4 should have gone down the IFFFF rumors of a 2011 release is possible. Maybe in the future you;ll hav virtual GAMING Girlfriends/boyfriends wanna know what the game’s gonna b called? hahahahahaha

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