Love Twilight, Hate Kristen Stewart

Ok so its twilight mania time again. In the past days I’ve been reading my facebook and Tweets. And I’m happy to say people are catching up to the monochromatic acting (and here by lack of) Kristen Stewart portrays.
When a trend is set people just don’t care how good or bad the acting is. The book is a best seller and I’ve read parts, its great. The only reason I haven’t read them all or any book for a matter of fact is that I’m supposed to be studying so I only read medicine books to my unfortunate FML status. Yet this twilight mania has gotten WAY out of hand, I mean its Everywere – like to the stalker, hypermaniac, obsessively obsessing psycho fans degree. Much like every teen mania but overboard. Which is basically were I draw the line and say – HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? I mean the movie is Good, ok I liked the first one. BUT PLEASE! Its not a masterpiece, meaning it has not the best actors, not the best looking either and well the female leading character SUCKS Big Time. Although I have to admit I’m not much of a trend follower, much rather set the trend, if you know what I mean.
Last week I read a few reviews from the shows that have interviewed Kristen Stewart and all have criticized the lack of emotion this girl has had on ALL of her interviews. If you look into her acting career I can say I’ve seen a few of her movies including Panic Room, Into the Wild, The Cake Eaters, In the Land of Women, and yes Twilight. Its the same character. Her interviews? Same Character. Catch my drift? It’s not thats its not great acting, the problem is that its NOT ACTING.
Aside from the fact that Twilight is targeted to a young aged female audience. Its easy to have them fall I mean c’mon its vampires, who doesnt want their necks sucked at the age of ripe 15. Hormone inducing, cheesy line romanticism, and an akward girl many can identify themselved with. At 28 I’d still want a vampire sucking my blood. Damn, I’d be glad to bite anyone’s neck right now, not suck blood tho, eww. And yes I find the Saga fascinating, but I think we have better actresses than that Kristen Stewart. And not to go overboard, but I mean really? Rob Pattinson one of 2009’s sexiest men. I really have to question People magazine’s judgment as to their “hot” standards. I just hope when they get the hot women of 2009, or 2010 (because I think the 2009 are already out) Kristen Stewart is not on there and her talent is much more questioned as to future roles. Kristen take this into advice, take your vitamins every day and drink a Red Bull or Starbucks regular dose before every interview, might want to think into making it a daily ritual. I’m sure that if I were 15 and following the Twilight, I’d still feel the same towards your character. And hey having read a few posts around many teens and tweens are getting in on your secret Kristen, so lighten up!


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