The ART of Loosing Time (El ARTE de Perder el Tiempo)

How much time is too much time in front of your computer? How much time can you sit and just not see it go by? I mean really, for example today, I’ve literally spent the whole day in front of my computer. Like I said before in my second blog entry there a lot of applications nowadays that end up being time-consuming.

You enter facebook and its AT LEAST a 30min visit to the site. Watching the feedback, playing around with the game-apps, responding your friends messages, check the inbox, check the feedback, check the notifications, check the events, the requests! And then if it were the only thing you had entered the internet for but of course not, you have to catch up with the world. You have to catch up with the news, see what’s going on in your country and then whats happening in the world and of course it doesn’t stop there. Once you hit Twitter, my God! You have gotten in touch with celebrities even, personal celebrity gossip and then the occasional storyline/headline. If you’re like me, you hit the “more” button to scroll down to get every little story you are interested in even the pic Ryan Seacrest uploaded yesterday up until you are compulsively updated with your twitter. Oh and of course go to the people you are interested to catch up with like your friends and the ones you like to stalk, like say… movie related and sorts?

Don’t Tell Me U R Already Tired? Well my internet experience doesn’t end there, I don’t know about you. We haven’t even covered email, how many accounts do you have? For most a personal one and a business one, totaling up to 2 (yeah 1 + 1 = 2, go figure?!) -Trash the Junk, read the important ones. By all means I forgot to say that I had opened my messenger account once i booted and all the while I was checking the internet, I was chatting with my friends at the very same time I had opened like 10 tabs in my Mozilla browser window. Can you say, so much for multitasking? Right? Right! Well meanwhile I was downloading a few files from the internet,nothing illegal of course (please if you are a federal agent, take my word for it) so I had to check how that was going and suddenly… a little mini-me with a pointy tail, red horns was sticking her trident in my carotid and it hurt… she made me start all over again! Facebook, Twitter, Email. Although now I’d go into YouTube and check out any video..and by ANY i mean ANY…from a stupid home-video to a music video to even last night’s “telenovela” episode I missed. And right after watching that I remembered I hadn’t seen another television episode, like for example Glee which is my new guilty pleasure and completely HQ viewable in It goes on and on and…

How much time do you spend in front of your computer? Umm yeah, its best not to ask me. I’ve learned and mastered the art of loosing time right in front and in the comfort of my very own PC… Dear Blogger, I started writing this at 4am and its 4:30am. Since this is my new “thing” since yesterday, I am hoping to write in this a couple times a week but knowing how I LOVE to just sit in front of my computer and waste valuable time I’ll pro’ly end up dedicating more time than I’ve foreseen to this blog. Hope be on the negative side. I think its time to cut back on the internet hours.. What do you think? Have your days turned out anything similar to what I just related?
Oh well! Anything for not hitting the books! So Long Suckazzz! =P


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