Google Searching: My Favorite Books?

Ok So yesterday I opened this page up. I took it one step further and opened my own blog. Yes, me, got the courage to finally get out there. Go figure. There’s a geek inside me and it likes to take a stroll every once in a while. I like writing, I do… I’m just not the audience searching soul. You know? I am bilingual too, born and raised to speak both english and spanish (my mother tongue). The geek part of me speaks english and thats who’s writing to you right now.

So enough about my background and back to the reason I started this second entry, as I was filling my info there’s the classic section that asks you about your favorite books. I’m not much a reader, at least not anymore and not because i stopped loving reading novels and books for my entertainment BUT because life sort of got complicated at some point and right now I just don’t have the time nor luxury to read anything other than medicine books, since I have a few tests coming up. Aside from the fact that the time I do take out to read stuff, I do it on the internet- news, reviews, twitter, facebook, msn live and now  a blog too?!. Oh yeah and I read the occasional blog here and there. I mean all of these different sites that offer you to read different kind of info, its time consuming and come on, just writing all the options is tiring!! lol.
So as I was sitting here trying to think of my favorite books I went down a stroll down memory lane. C’mon! I used to love reading! I was on the book patrol, everytime i got that Scholastic newspaper I’d order a book so enthusiastic and read it. But I also didnt have anything more productive to do, lol.. for all I knew I could do my assignments with that book, hand in a book report, A+ and thats it.. Oh yes, the easy life. Thats not how it goes anymore, not for me and I’m guessing if you’ve read on this babble, not for you either.

Remembering some of the fun books of my childhood.
Scholastic now has an internet site I googled it, after asking  a friend of mine if he remembered the fun book ordering newspaper’s name. (Yeah, I didn’t remember) So I went in and found out that the books I loved so dearly weren’t there anymore except for E.B. White’s timeless Charlotte’s Web. So I ended up in searching for a book chocolate related, I knew it, I remembered it being chocolate related. And after a while saw the light – Judy Blume! Fudge, Blubber! I grew up reading these books and all I was left was a vague memory of what I had read and then a light went on in that far place in my brain, childhood memories… It was not just Judy Blume there were more, Beverly Clearly, Ann M. Martin’s book series The Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew series , Goosebumps series, Nothing’s Fair in Firth Grade, Jane Austen, The Face on Milk Carton. I’m sure there are more, but I’m not gonna bore you with the list. I remember the last book I ordered from scholastic, 9th grade. Just before I hit the “want to be cool” phase. A love story. Can’t remember the name tho, and its quite mind bugging.

I wish I could find the time now to read a novel. Texbooks aren’t as good to hook you up or click your imagination. You read one sentence and fight to read the next. I can read a 100 novel’s pages in a day. 100 pages of a textbook – blah! Mind draining takes forever. Dammit! haha…

So?!… What about you?! Any book childhood favorites that come to your mind?



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2 responses to “Google Searching: My Favorite Books?

  1. iamsiegfried

    Nice little newborn blog you got here. Thanks to you, I also took a stroll down memory lane to revisit the books from my childhood. I used to like Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson, Where the Wild Things Are, The Monster's Ring, etc. I used to order from that Scholastic book club too. Big fan of the Goosebumps series. I think I still have one around. When I was in 6th grade i read my first "big person" book, which was Bram Stoker's Dracula. Scared the crap outta me.Keep writing, i'm interested. 'Later!

  2. fla

    lol..On the "Where the Wild Things Are" note, were u looking to seeing the movie that just came out of that?

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