Tempt me

I took one look into your eyes
dreamt of paradise
when thoughts of you invade my mind

I took one look into your eyes
you got me good
so hypnotized

Let me show you
how to treat you right
I swear you won’t want to go back

Reality is awaiting
but an open door does not have to close
I’ll let you come back
any time you want
Escape with me to the forgotten land
I’ll rough you up just like you want

I’ll want you good
I’ll want you bad
But I promise to treat you more than right
You’ll have everything a girl could want

Want me good
Want me bad
I’ll be to you, all in one

Let me show you
what you’ve been missing your whole life
I swear you won’t want to go back

Reality is awaiting
but an open door does not have to close
Come back for me baby
I’ll be waiting on the other side.


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In Reply to ‘Dead End’, I defend my point of view

A friend replied to the Dead End poem (previous post, and this is my comeback to his post which basically critisized my defending sinning and having no regrets)

In Reply to Dead End

Had I regret of all I’ve done
I’d be living down the lonely road
Had I been sorry for all forgot
I’d still be apologizing
Perhaps undone

Down two roads
You only choose one
Not by force
But by decision owned

Down two roads,
maybe three or four
You only get chance by luck
Perhaps not

Only one thing’s certain
of what you’ve become
thats the trail you’ve led
Till this very day
Deviation, none

Forgive me if I’ve offended
Be it Jews or Germans
Buddhists, Muslims or Christians
But a sin is a sin
To which written
I have not determined

Be it where unwritten
your mind has carried
As dark a place
As imagination buries

As a poet
I’ve meant no judiciaries
To anything lethal,
grave or even detrimental

As certain as your fate
is the consequence of an act
good or bad
come what may

But all is not atrocious
This world still has a conscience,
I believe,
At least I do
And to that I swear my life to

If you choose to remember
or choose to forget
every or a single action
you have made
I salute you

But from the smallest action
with the strangest stranger
I bet you’ve sinned
and let it sleep

As by default
a fault’s a fault
for no one is so virtuous
that’s the human condition

Oh! How sorry must I feel?
I have no regrets to live on
For every experience,
even this “sin” in sinning
has made me who I am
and I need not forgiveness

March 7 2011

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Dead End

Who are we going to be?
Or what might we become?
How is this supposed to end,
When There is nothing to pretend.
Life just brings you to your knees,
Some things never change
But then again
Never do we
If there’s nothing at stake.
So what’s it gonna take?
Its not as easy as it sounds
To make a turn and turn around.
To Just go ahead
And Grab destiny by the reins.
There is no sin in sinning
When there are no regrets,
Maybe that’s our way of winning-
The way to get
Where we’re supposed to get.
Much more easier said than done;
Much Less done than said.
Tonight I see myself falling
Without a place to fall.
Then again I might be dreaming,
I’ve run into a dead-end wall.

Fla: feb 28 2011

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Wouldn’t you know?

I close my eyes in wonder
Of what is raw emotion
If it may, this that I’m feeling
Or whatever has made me ponder
Like putting on my favorite lotion
You’ve left me without a notion
Washed off with water
Wasn’t that easy now?
We danced the locomotion
In a blink of an eye
A blow below the belt
Nothing like I ever felt before
Now I’m melting like butter
Wouldn’t you know?
Spring is but beginning
But time’s a due
Before we know it
It’ll be summer
Temperature drops and rises
Wouldn’t you know?
I never felt safe with you
But who asked for safety in the first place?
If I must guess, it must have been you
When we looked into the glass
It was left empty
Too late to fix
Wouldn’t you know?
I was the only one left
Wanting more

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God, where are You?

God, where are you?
My heart is lost.
My mind is blind.
Time is unnerving.

My faith is breaking.
Values are falling.
My hands are shaking

I cannot stand
for I have fallen
a time too many.

My arms are empty
and You still haven’t
reached out to help me

God, where are you?
I am waiting

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Getting Back to Pretty… (I forgot how to?…)

I’ve got to get ready for a wedding… And it is terribly sucking. Ok, its not mine, obviously… Nor a friend’s.. Its a friend of my boyfriend getting married… so lets not go entering hysteria… yet.

Its been so long since i have actually made myself feel pretty. I’ve forgotten how it is done! I used to do it almost every day when i was back in medschool, a period in my life which ended a year and a half ago. Since then, it’s pretty much been a careless version of me. So since I have this wedding, I decided i’d treat myself some and look pretty for my boy. The wedding is tomorrow and I made a hair salon appointment for tomorrow morning.. -New look awaits. -Just finished the pedicure. -Dress and accessorries ready – i think -..
-Mani? I’m thinking of going for fake Walgreens nail tips ? What do you think? I hate them, but taking into consideration I have to be in the church by 3pm and my hair appointment is at 9am. Time is pretty crammed. (although i am thinking of skipping the ceremony and going straight to the reception… just dont tell anyone, lol. My bf is going to be a groomsmen, so i think i have the perfect excuse. I am wondering if that is distasteful, so I can take your opinions for future events of such… hehe)
What else? Make up, well I’ll let ya know how it turns out. Hopefully the magic is still in these little hands and I still got the eyes for color.. 😉 I did try out tho, went to Home Depot and bought wall paint, the colors looked great, my color coordination is intact… I’m in the process of painting my room, toning it down. Still have to wait for the end result!

Also, I’d like to mention I even got a new cellphone. So even if they are just small details, 2010 has turned out pretty good. I must say. Been feeling so much more positive than I have in a veryyy long time. So hopefully this new vibe will be all for the best! As I had written in my previous posts, 2009 sucked.. So maybe my luck has finally changed and to that I hope to God, I hope to God..

So whats the key ingredient??? I ponder. Oh yeah the making myself feel it! Haha, thats the most important part of course… I’ve tested it and it even shows through the camera… Believe me! So if you wanna look pretty, you first have to feel it and believe it! Believe me you can fool even the cheapest or the most detail enhancing, expensive camera with the touch of something called “the confidence boost”!!! I’m not a perfect 10 but hey we can all aim high and go for the WOW, YOU LOOK GREAT. So what are we waiting for? LETS DO IT! Give it a try and thank me later xD

Ok… Totally Vented. Thanks for reading my nonsense xD

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Katie Holmes needs a Make Over STAT

Wow, Katie Holmes looks like the same age as her husband? Wasnt she the same age as I a few years ago (before marrying mr. cruise).. damn, either Scientology is pretty harsh or the crazy life with the nut-case husband is..Katie go to the Dr’s chair and get a Botox booster hun.. a boob job while ur at it wouldnt hurt either… or Victoria Secret! Or hey before any of that, who knows just eat NORMAL FOOD, GO TO MCDONALDS, STOP PURGING!! haha yeah that might do the trick…

A few years go by, marriage, a daughter, new religion and the years came down on the cute Dawson's Creek actress.

To see a recent Katie Holmes pic, check this article out!

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